Five Best Keyword Research Tools


We never stop hearing about the importance of keywords and keyword research. Yet when we try and select an easy tool for keyword research, we are inundated with a plethora of suggestions. Far and away, Google provides the better selection of free keyword research tools (see below). Here are four more of the better keyword research tools available:

Keyword Tool

You choose your search engine, country or language, put your keyword into the blank, and hit ‘search’. The tool then gives you suggestions for the most popular keywords that people usually search for. You can then drill down on each single item on the resulting keyword list by clicking on it and getting further long-tail keyword suggestions.

Keyword IO is a free keyword tool allows you to enter a target phrase and choose a specific country to consider for your search. After hitting ‘analyze’, you then get to an overview of potential keyword phrases, keyword trends over time and Top 10 search engine results directly drawn from Google, as well as a listing of keywords based on TF•IDF and TextRank.


Serpstat filters for your specific keyword and a chosen Google domain. You can then filter the resulting keyword list for ‘only questions’ or all keywords that start with a certain search term. They do offer a free account with these features:

  • 30 queries per day
  • 10 keyword & domain results
  • 1 project for tracking domain

Keyword Eye

They have designed a suite of tools for marketing firms and individuals to be able to dig into the data. Data doesn’t lie and you can trust us to give you the best data possible. They provide data to help you design your marketing and SEO campaigns.

There is a free plan available and it includes:

  • 10 keyword searches per day
  • 36 Google Databases
  • Youtube Keyword Suggestions
  • Amazon Keyword Suggestions
  • Google Keyword Suggestions
  • Reddit Trending Content
  • Save/Sync/Analyze Keywords
  • Export into Excel or CSV Files

Google Keyword Tool

Google offers various free keyword research tools.
The most popular and easiest way to get inspiration on long tail keywords probably is Google Suggest. This term describes the drop-down menu opening when simply typing single letters or words into the search bar. The order of offered terms is determined by using a wide range of information in order to decide which query users most likely want to see. The tool therefore provides important insights on potential keywords.

Google Trends visualizes the development of interest for certain search terms over time. It also displays regional interests and identifies related searches regarding general topics as well as specified queries. As the name implies, this is a handy tool for differentiating between trending topics, buzzwords and current issues at all times.

Google Adwords, conceptualized for campaign planning, offers detailed insight into search volumes. This information is important when it comes to competitor analysis for particular search queries. In this regard, it would be a good idea to double check keywords derived from Google Suggest with the Keyword Planner in order to filter very in-demand search terms with the lowest possible competition.

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