Author Media Develops a New WordPress Plugin Designed Just for Authors

I have been working with authors for some time now and as always, it is a challenge and hard work to get your book not only published, but once it’s published, how do you get it sold?

Selling books is hard. Getting your books into the hands of your adoring fans is a difficult process that would test anyone’s patience.

At least, it used to be.

I received this update from Author Media and they have just launched their new WordPress plugin “MyBookTable”. This is an amazing WordPress plugin.

According to the description on the sales page:

A WordPress Plugin to help authors sell more books and make affiliate money through sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Here are some of the features of MyBookTable:

1. Support

They built this plugin from the ground up. Beyond the tutorial videos, they’ve created a support system for the Pro & Developer levels.

2. Search Optimization

Most authors don’t rank for their own book titles on Google. Scary, right? That means someone else is cashing in on your hard work. MyBookTable helps you retake control. Ranking #1 on search engines for your book title is extra valuable when you have affiliate accounts set up.

3. Affiliate Compatible (PRO & Developer only)

Amazon,, and all offer affiliate programs that can help you supplement your income as an author. You won’t have to sell your book out of the back of a van to make more money. It will also integrate with leading SEO Plugins like Yoast and Scribe.

Author Media is offering 3 different options as far as the pricing is concerned:

Level 1: Basic (FREE) with limited options

Level 2: Professional ($49). Many more options, no shopping cart integration.

Level 3: Developer ($99). Offers the whole shebang….shopping cart utilities to boot!

One of the items I especially like is that this plugin supports Audible as well.

If you need assistance setting this plugin up, please contact us for a free 15-minute consultation.


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