5 Tricks to Keep Your Book Fans Coming Back to Your Facebook Page

I recently stumbles upon this author’s works as I was perusing the bookshelves at my local library. Real books, not digital! The author is Richard Paul Evans and he writes a lot of faith-based fiction. What caught my eye was … Continue reading

How to Overcome a Webinar Launch Failure

This happens everyday. You think you have come up with the “next new thing”. The next thing that is going to rock the world. You are jazzed. Hyped. Can’t wait to get started. You have also done your research. Spoken … Continue reading

How to Edit Image Title and Description on your LinkedIn Company Page

I have several clients who seem to be confused as to editing the title of an image on LinkedIn. So, I am now sharing my step-by-step instructions on how to do this. To get started, go to your company page. … Continue reading

Serenity VA Tweets of the Week–6 Steps to Writing Awesome Fresh Content

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LinkedIn Recommendations: You Must Give Before You Receive

The value of recommendations and testimonials cannot be underestimated or taken for granted. Recommendations are similar to testimonials of your good name, good product(s), or expertise. Recommendations enhance your credibility as an expert similar to how quality content, quality presentation … Continue reading

The 5 Dangerous Realities of Social Media for Business

The Crossroads: Social or Media? As social networking has soared to become the largest voluntary behavior this side of teeth brushing, the money guys have shown up on the scene – right on cue. By all accounts, social media is a … Continue reading