Serenity Virtual Assistant Services

In addition to a wide range of administrative support services and an online business manager, Serenity Virtual Assistant Services offers specialized help in the following areas:

Manage your social media accounts

  • Save you time blogging by proofreading and updating your content and posting it to your blog. We even hunt for, buy and edit attractive stock photos to dress up your posts.
  • Create and manage your multiple social networking sites, cross-promote them, and teach you to use these sites to join the online discussion.
  • Upload your articles to article-sharing sites and create valuable back links to your website and blog
  • Post your podcasts to websites. We can convert either audio or video which will save you hours of time.
  • Create and monitor your Google Alerts so you always have enough ideas for your blog and social media conversations.

Manage Your Website

  • Update your website so all content is current and appealing.
  • Edit photos for your website, blog and social networking sites.
  • Set up your shopping cart, and show you how to up sell customers to related products and services.
  • Solve technical glitches between your website and shopping cart, often before your customers have a chance to notice them.
  • Monitor your client databases and determine candidates for special email and sales campaigns
  • Do basic or advanced keyword research so you pull targeted traffic to your website, blog and social media sites
  • Create WordPress blog platform websites

Promote What You’re Doing

  • Post your keyword-rich press releases to press release distribution sites, to be found by consumes and journalists.
  • Promote your live events such as speaking engagements and viral events such as teleseminars online and offline so you fill seats.
  • Send event invitations to your social media friends and followers.
  • Manage your affiliate programs. We can recruit affiliates to sell your products and services, and find companies whose products and services you can promote for commission (a valuable revenue stream!).

Project Management

  • Planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project

Manage Your Customer Service

  • Fill your orders quickly and ship them (unless you love standing in line at the Post Office).
  • Resolve all complaints and make sure customers leave with smiles on their faces.


  • Perform keyword research so you pull targeted traffic to your website, blog and social media sites
  • Use analytics to effectively segment your client database for customized email and sales campaigns
  • Conduct competitive intelligence studies to size up your competition and improve your marketing focus

And take care of all the other energy-sucking tasks that eat up your time:

  • Format and publish your content to Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader
  • Format and publish your content to Amazon Kindle e-reader
  • Create Power Point presentations for your webinars, speaking engagements, videos and business meetings
  • Create expert Excel spreadsheets from your data that give you clear and concise results
  • Conduct data collection from the Internet to enhance your communication and marketing efforts
  • Find new contacts and professional organizations for you and your business