Serenity VA Tweets of the Week– 5 steps for a Successful 140-character Conversation on Twitter

Here are my Top 10 tweets from this past week, great for retweeting! If you missed these, follow me on Twitter.

  5 steps for a successful 140-character conversation on Twitter
Tweets are limited to 140 characters, which allows readers to easily digest your content. How do we put out amazing shareable content in such a restricted template? Read on for five tips you can use to create engaging conversations on Twitter.

101 Tips for Using Instagram For Business
I’ll start out by saying that Instagram for business is something I’m still exploring myself. I’m looking through the different ways it can work for my business and the businesses of my clients. There is no getting around the fact that Instagram has over 100 million users.It’s time to pay attention.

Unfollow your “friends” on Facebook, with this new button release
It’s actually happening. After years of waiting Facebook users will soon be able to unfollow friends whose comments and updates they’d like to remove from their News Feed.This button is available to users in the drop-down on posts in the News Feed. Now, with a click of a button you can just get rid of John’s rants about Black Friday or Michelle’s 10,000th photo of her puppy. The best part is that friends will not be notified if they’ve been unfollowed.

13 smart reasons to use captions on your YouTube videos
I started using captions on my YouTube videos about a year ago when someone reminded me that it’s just one more place where Google can find keywords. That’s Reason Number 1! Read on.

Social media has changed massively in the last five years.(Infographic)
Social media is never static. It is an an ever-changing array of tools and platforms built for any number of purposes.From becoming a resource for activists to showing us the earth as we had never seen it before, each year brought new social net.

Are You Following These Social Media Influencers?
Add them to this Twitter List! Vote up your faves, then discover and follow some helpful experts you may have overlooked. You can follow the list on Twitter by clicking the blue button at the top, and even embed this list on your own blog!

Top 5 Blogging Blunders You Can Avoid
I started blogging almost two years ago and since then, my blog has grown considerably.I have learned a lot in a relatively short period of time and I want to share five of my biggest mistakes so you can avoid falling into the same traps.

5 Steps to Supercharging Engagement on Twitter
Increasing engagement on Twitter requires constant care and great attention to detail. From your bio to the type of content that you tweet each day, the way to engage people is by constantly creating and sharing relevant, interesting and uplifting content that people will want to comment on and share.

Counting Down to a New Year… Do You Have a Social Marketing Plan?
With all that’s going on during December, sometimes it’s difficult to focus on your business, what’s important to get done before the year ends and create a social marketing plan for the new year.Thinking about what might support you to take the time to look at where you are and where you want to go, I decided to experiment with a way to make it easy and accessible for you to get a kickstart for the new year…

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