Loyal Clients

Loyal Clients

I don’t keep it a secret, you’re what I keep in my back pocket to keep my marketing fingers in the World Wide Pie… Thanks so much for all you do. I make sure all my clients know you’re there when they are ready to step up their online marketing to greater levels of effectiveness. That’s why I hire you to be my eyes… 

Patsi Krakoff, Content for Coaches and Consultants, Writing on the Web

“Christine Buffaloe is simply a gem. She takes care of many social networking tasks to free me up to be involved with other offline activities. Chris is very knowledgeable about posting blogs and the kind of content to post. She keeps up with new techniques of online promotion, so that people will find my music and services wherever they roam on the Internet. Thank you, Chris!” 

Anne Roos, Celtic Harp Music by Anne Roos

“Hiring Serenity VA as my VA was one of the smartest decisions I’ve made. Delegating a lot of my time-consuming grunt work to you has allowed me to devote my time to creating programs that result in four additional revenue streams and boost the bottom line. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs a smart, savvy virtual assistant.” 

Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

“Christine is, well, a rare gem. It is simply impossible to categorize her and what she contributes to ensuring that my business operates smoothly. Perhaps most importantly, she intuits how to get me to let go and delegate related tasks to her. Knowing she has me covered frees me up to do the work I love to do; she frees me up to shine at what I’m great at. Finally, Chris’ ethics and integrity are impeccable. I trust her completely. I know that in her hands my business is professionally represented and that my back is covered.”

Debra Condren, Author Ambition Is Not A Dirty Word

“Christine Buffaloe has been my VA for a year or so. She has helped me set up my blog, work on my website, send out my newsletter and much more. I highly recommend Christine.”

Joyce Dillon, Fully Conscious Living Academy

“Christine is a whiz at giving me solutions to problems I have no idea how to solve and have been struggling with forever. Scott explained to me about how social media marketing works, when it does work, was the best explanation I’ve had from anyone. The explanation seems intuitive now that I ‘get’ it, but it was not obvious. I really appreciate his giving me the explanation and the benefit of his research and analysis on this. So glad I finally linked up with you guys.”

Pam Armstrong, Founder and President
Smart Health Sense

“Working with Chris is a pleasure on so many levels.  For one, she is a truly skilled VA who will get to the bottom of any problem that arises.  Her added value to my newsletter and willingness to guide and follow through on anything I have asked her to do has been a great relief, after struggling with less seasoned people.  She responds quickly, always looking to the next horizon that I sometimes cannot see.  For any busy entrepreneur who is juggling so many balls, you can rest easy with Chris on your team.  She really does bring “serenity” to a fast-paced online world”

Kathleen Hanagan 
Lake Oswego, OR

“I am very fortunate to be working with one of the top virtual assistants in the country, Christine Buffaloe. She has been invaluable in building our business.”

Eli Davidson – Award Winning Author and Reinvention Expert
Los Angeles, CA

As a V.A., Chris is thorough, efficient, and easy-going. She is knowledgeable and skilled with setting up transactions in 1ShoppingCart. I especially appreciate that she always, always asks if she needs clarification on any of my requests. She often has great suggestions about better or more efficient ways to do things. These are always presented in a helpful tone, without ego, leaving me as the business owner to make the decision. Chris has been using her knowledge of social media to dramatically boost my business presence there. Chris’ steady, collaborative assistance has helped me get things done, attract new prospects, and grow my business. I recommend her to any business owner who needs to offload administrative tasks, so they can focus on what they love to do.

Julie GabrielliGo For Change

“Christine is a delight to work with.  She produces quality work, and every assignment I have given her has been executed in a professional, efficient, manner.”

Maris Somerville – Somerville Associates
Los Angeles, CA


“I just want to tell you that I enjoy very much to have you helping me. I was so used to doing it all by myself, and your help and feedback is truly wonderful. I feel you have my best interest in mind, and that feels precious. Thank you so much!”

Marlise Witschi,M.Psych., RCC
Internal Freedom

“I hired Chris to help me learn social networking and to better leverage online business opportunities. She is thorough, has a strong understanding of online and emerging social media and is a pleasure to work with (patient too for beginners!) I highly recommend Christine Buffaloe to help you grow your business. She’s terrific!”

Susan Young, Get In Front Communications

“I appreciate Christine very much.  She is great at what she does and very responsive.  My business is just easier right now with Christine’s help. Thank you Chris!”

Sandy Rees, Get Fully Funded
Louden, TN

“Christine is always at the ready when I need her assistance for a project. She takes time to learn about a task before she takes it on, and the greatest benefit from my standpoint is that she is familiar with publicity-related activities so the “teaching” curve is minimal. Thanks to those before me, I know that I can count on Christine for her assistance when my time gets tight.”

Gail Sideman| PUBLISIDE owner/publicist

“Christine is an expert at internet marketing and internet services. Her knowledge saves you money while she makes you money and saves you time.”

Garth Roberts, Instigating Change-One Mind at a Time


I enjoy having Chris on the Incredible One success team. Before hiring Chris to serve as a virtual assistant for my company, I was wasting profit producing time trying to prepare my weekly e-zine. Since hiring Chris, I have regained that time and am able to use it to work on attracting new clients. Chris is well versed in many of the systems we use to operate our business. Her expertise has saved me time and frustration because Chris handles it for me. If you are in need of another set of hands to tackle some of the not-so-profit producing activities that have to get done to grow your business, I recommend Chris and Scott or Serenity Virtual Assistant Services. With Chris around, my work day is much more serene.

Darnyelle A. Jervey, MBA, CEO IncredibleOneEnterprises.com