How To Become A Virtual Assistant

I was recently part of a poll of 15 other active VA’s on how to become a virtual assistant. Some of the questions were very enlightening and really gave me pause for thought.

Here are just a few of those questions:

  1. What does it mean to be a virtual assistant?
    To me it means flexibility. I consider this a full-time, work-from-home job. One which I love, but it offers me the flexibility to do what I love. I take my job very seriously. This is not a “do it when I want a job.” I have many clients whom I am responsible to. I have schedules and time constraints to be respectful of. So, if you’re not willing to be respectful of yourself or your clients, this may not be the job for you.
  2. Who makes a good virtual assistant?
    There is a wide range of folks that can make good virtual assistants! You just need to find your niche and go with it. Communication is key though. If you are not a good communicator and like to be a hermit, perhaps web design or coding is more up your alley. Again, you need to be respectful of your client’s schedules.
  3. What services can you offer as a virtual assistant?
    There are many different types of VAs. When I started out, social media was MySpace, that was it. Facebook was still a glimmer in Mark Zuckerberg eye. 
    Services can range from email management, scheduling/calendar management, and bookkeeping to customer service, website management, social media services, and writing newsletters.
  4. What do virtual assistants find frustrating about their work?
    Balance….trying to find the right balance between work and life. Turning it off when I am. There have been many times when I’ve laid awake at night trying to figure out a problem. Quite honestly, I’ve gotten the answer many times that way! 
  5. What advice do virtual assistants have for others looking to enter the business?
    Do not become a doormat! Respect yourself and what you offer. Do not undervalue yourself. If a prospective client does not see that value in what you do, then it’s probably not a good match. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Own them, learn from them and move on.

I love being a virtual assistant. There are always times when I want to pull my hair out, but thus far, this has been the best job I’ve ever had. I love being self-employed. Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t answer to anyone, I have to answer to my clients.

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