Gramblr-Sends Your Pictures From Your Computer to Instagram

As a virtual assistant, I love it when I find new tools that make my job so much more efficient and I’ve discovered that tool.

It’s called Gramblr and I found it through an article posted on Social Media Examiner.

It’s as easy as it sounds.

In the past, I’ve used Hootsuite to post to Instagram, but I still had to send them from my phone. I would schedule them in Hootsuite and then I would get a notification on my phone from Hootsuite, have to open the file then post to Instagram.

No more. All I had to do is download the desktop application and I was all set to go. I did have to enter my username and password for Instagram and enter my handle for Twitter.

How It Works

To open on Mac OS X, right click (or CMD+click) and select open, click open in the message box.

Once you have Gramblr’s photo uploader (version 1), you just:

  1. Sign in to Instagram
  2. Choose the photo you would like to upload
  3. Add a caption
  4. Hit upload
  5. If the text boxes are empty on the confirmation window, something went wrong… try again and it should work!

It’s really that easy! I love this new application and I’ll be using it with all of my clients as well. 

Any new tools and tricks you would like to share? Just post them in the comments section below.

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